If you do not respond to your DailyHello texts, your set contacts will receive texts and/or emails within the designated time window alerting them that you did not respond. It is their responsibility to follow up to make sure you are okay. A plan should be made between you and your contacts for exact actions needed upon alert. For instance, sending a follow-up text first, then a phone call, finally an actual visit or sending someone to physically check on you. DailyHello will NOT contact EMS, the police, or any authorities. 

When you do not respond to your DailyHello and the time window has passed, your contacts will be notified, and it is up to them to do the right thing. Although DailyHello will save lives, it is not a medical alert system.

Our service will still send DailyHello texts if your phone isn't charged or if you have an issue with your phone. We strongly recommend utilizing our website to log in and pause your DailyHellos until the problem is resolved.

You can email us at contact@dailyhello.com.